Bag Buddy Holder (Adjustable)
Bag Buddy Holder (Adjustable) $19.99 USD
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Bag Buddy Holder - 191 (CDN) / 193 (USA)
Bag Buddy Holder - 191 (CDN) / 193 (USA) $12.99 USD $14.99 USD
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Bag Buddy Holder - 192 (CDN) / 194 (USA)
Bag Buddy Holder - 192 (CDN) / 194 (USA) $13.99 USD $16.99 USD
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Bag Buddy Holder - 196P
Bag Buddy Holder - 196P $15.99 USD $19.99 USD
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Bag Buddy around the home.

The Bag Buddy supports and holds-open your household garbage bag or brown paper yard bag so you can use both hands for the job.

Bag Buddy for commercial and school use.
Commercial / Schools

Use Bag Buddy at your work site, schools, or around your community center as a durable and sanitary way to clean up.

Bag Buddy for recycling.

Rethink how you recycle by using Bag Buddy to support and organize your collection area.

Bag Buddy for outdoor activities.
Outdoor Activities

Take Bag Buddy outdoors for camping, tailgating, and BBQing!

The Bag Baddy assembles easily.

With only 3 separate pieces and no fasteners to contend with, Bag Buddy assembles and disassembles in seconds.

The Bag is FULLY adjustable

Simply step on the base and pull up gently to adjust each side of your Bag Buddy to the desired height. Then let the Bag Buddy go to work!

Bag Buddy break down easily for storage.

Once taken apart, Bag Buddy lies flat for storage, and its light-weight profile allows for easy transport and re-assembly.

Bag Buddy is constructed with quality parts.

Bag Buddy is made from quality parts that will last. It will keep giving you a hand for years to come.