Bag Buddy FAQ's

Q: What is the smallest width of this garbage bag holder?
A: When reduced to it’s smallest size, the dimensions at the top of the Adjustable Bag Buddy (99197) are: L – 22”  W – 15”  H – 20”

Q: Will the Adjustable Bag Buddy hold a trash bag 35” x 47”?
A: Yes -- that is an ideal bag size when the Adjustable Bag Buddy arms are fully extended.

Q: What is the maximum length and height of the Adjustable Bag Buddy?
A: The length will vary from 22” to 18”, depending on the opening size of the trash bag.  The maximum height is 36”.

Q: I’d like to use the Bag Buddy model 99192 in a restricted area—what are the exact dimensions when it is set up?
A: When a trash bag is applied this Bag Buddy stands 32” high, and can be anywhere from 19” to 23” in length, depending on the bag opening size. All Bag Buddy’s are 15” square at the bottom end.

Q: Can you ship outside the continental USA? (I live in Hawaii)
A: For shipping outside the continental USA please contact us.